Training Days March and May 2018 – presentations


Treatment adherence – Taunton March 18

Sarah Mungall – Treatmentcomplications and drug resistance 2018

Sarah Mungall – MDRTB

Sarah Mungall – Latent TBinfection Registrar training day 2018

Hazel and Claire presentation – March 2018 final

Rachel Kwiatkowska – SW TB epi summary for Resp SpRs

Martin Hetzel – TB talk SPR WCCC 2018

Katie Hopgood -TB and migranthealth workers. Reflections on complex case management.respiratory_SpR

Katie Hopgood -Contact tracing.respiratory_SpR


Case 2 comparison slide

Case Study 1- Rose 2



Sarcoidosis May 2018

Role of the ild cns May 2018.pptx 1 (2)

Resp SpR ILD Taunton 2018

ILD (1)


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ST5 trainee in the Southwest. Looking to keep you all informed and up-to-date!

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