Level 1 USS

The requirements for Level 1 USS competence are set by the BTS based on the RCR guidelines on focused ultrasound training. You need to do a course which provides the theoretical knowledge necessary for safe pleural procedures, and then acquire sufficient evidence of competency in the form of a log book. Once you have  both these pieces of evidence a Level 2 competent practitioner (or someone who is Level 1 with at least 2 years experience) needs to provide formal sign-off of your Level 1 competence (eg in the form of a letter you can upload to your ePortfolio). Different people will achieve competency and confidence at different rates, but the minimum requirements for the logbook are:




Here is a logbook you can use to document your competencies:

Pleural logbook blank

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ST5 trainee in the Southwest. Looking to keep you all informed and up-to-date!

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