Out of Programme (OOP)

A Specialist Trainee may take a period of time out of their programme to undertake a period of research or training, gain clinical experience or as a career break. Trainees are required to obtain formal approval from their deanery/LETB to take time out of programme and will not normally be agreed until a trainee has been in programme for at least 1 year. Trainees are not allowed to pursue OOP activities in their final year.

Deaneries/LETB generally ask for requests for OOP to be submitted at least 6 months prior to your start date and after discussion with your ES and TPD.

Types of OOP category (detailed descriptions are available in The Gold Guide):

  • OOPR – Time out of programme for research: A period of research may be undertaken often for a higher degree (e.g.: MD, PhD). Up to 12 months credit may be included towards your CCT.
  • OOPT – Time out of programme for training: A trainee may gain opportunity to undertake training outside of their regular training programme either in the UK or abroad. The SAC will review how much credit may be provided towards your CCT. This also includes a period of acting up as a consultant.
  • OOPE – Time out of programme for clinical experience: A trainee may gain experience similar to OOPR or OOPT, but not approved by the GMC or outside the curriculum e.g. work overseas for voluntary organisations. There is therefore not the ability to credit this period towards your CCT.
  • OOPC – Time out of programme for career breaks: It may occur for a variety of reasons including a period of parental, sick or exceptional leave. This is normally limited to 2 years.

No credit can be awarded for time OOP without JRCPTB approval and approval cannot be granted retrospectively – it must be applied for and granted by the JRCPTB/GMC prior to OOP.

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